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braid-in-2016Yay, the registration for the Spring Braid In (May 5-7, 2017) goes online today!

And I hope that it’s a smooth process for everyone who registers.  But if it isn’t, please email me ( and I’ll do my best to help you out… after I get back from my Florida “vacation” with the family on Monday night, January 2.


To get to the Registration table, go to the “Spring Braid In” heading in the upper right Navigation Bar.  As you hover over that title, three dropdown selections will occur: ScheduleClasses and Registration, and Checkout.  Click on Schedule, then click on the upper left box to go to Registration.  When the page comes up, scroll down to see the Registration Table.  This is the first step:  register for the braid in, any extra nights, single room, etc.

The best thing to do is to return to the Schedule (either hit the “back”button on your browser, or click on “Schedule” in the dropdown again.). As you hover over each box in the schedule, more information about each class or event will appear in a box. If you click on any box, it will take you to the full information about the class or event.


After you register for a class, you’ll be asked to enter your address, etc, although it doesn’t ask you for your name until you check out, to try to limit having to enter the same information repeatedly.

DON’T press the checkout button at the bottom of the page until you are certain that you have 1. Registered for the event, 2.  Registered for any classes you would like to take, and 3. Made sure your classes don’t conflict.

I hope it’s all pretty self-explanatory but inevitably the first few people who register are guinea pigs and may encounter some difficulties.  PLEASE email me with problems or complaints and I will do what I can to fix them!  Christine:

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