November meeting notes

Judy Borger working on a rug at the meeting

The guild met at our Harleysville location on November 5, 2016 and we had a nice time.  At the meeting, we discussed several things:

  1.  We plan on having a road trip to see Delsie Hoyt’s exhibition of her braided rugs, which will be at the Vermont Folk Life Center in Middlebury, VT.  The opening will be sometime in February 2017.  There was discussion of stopping at the American Folk Art Museum in New York City on the way up.  We can hire Deb Weinhold’s husband to drive us, and after seeing the exhibit, stay overnight at a modest hotel in Vermont before heading home the next day.  It’s important to support the exhibition of rug braiding as an art form!
  2. Pat Koontz braiding at the meeting
    Pat Koontz braiding at the meeting

    Last year, our guild swept the PA Farm Show, getting 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons!  I’m hoping that we can repeat that in the coming year.  The deadline for online submission of work is sometime right after the next meeting (Dec 3) so I’m hoping that, with Carolyn Newcomer’s expert help, I can figure out how to navigate the mystifying online registration process before the next meeting.

  3. Lynn, Debbie, and Barb at the meeting
    Lynn, Debbie, and Barb at the meeting

    Planning for the braid in (May 4-7, 2017).  We have a speaker (Pody Vanderwall, the great granddaughter of Jessie Kinsley, who was a braider of silk “tapestries” in the early 1900’s, and whose work is still on display at the Oneida Community Mansion Museum in Oneida NY).  We have a couple of classes submitted for the teaching program (more on that later) and several people have already agreed to help with the following:

a.  Dottie Pepe has agreed to make the class “tickets” to keep track of students in classes.

Marjorie Kauffman's multistrand rug
Marjorie Kauffman’s multistrand rug

b.  Robin Kershaw volunteered to work with Beginning Braiders on a chair pad.

c.  The Teaching Committee has agreed to reprise their roles:  Lynn Vogel, Pat Koontz, Pat Beltz, Christine Manges, and Carolyn Newcomer.

Deb Weinhold's strip rug with dramatic patterns
Deb Weinhold’s strip rug with dramatic patterns

d.  Debbie Wykosky has agreed to be the A-V and site planner, and to help with registration, altho registration details still have to be worked out and we might need to recruit other people.

e.  Some of the classes that are tentatively planned:   Beginners (Robin Kershaw).  Butting (Christine Manges).  Braided Indian Corn (Peggyann Watts).  Braided Acorns (Pam Rowan).  Standing Wool Mat (Jenn Kiarsis).  Possibly:  More than one way to taper (Marjorie Kauffman).  There were multiple additional suggestions for classes but nothing that was committed to… requests for classes are welcome!!

f.  The topic for the Rug Challenge 2017 is “The Four Seasons,” although if someone makes a rug reflecting only one season, that’s fine!

Heidi's Wooly Feather Tree from her website
Heidi’s Wooly Feather Tree from her website

Next meeting is December 3, and we plan to make “Wooly Feather Trees.”  I’ve purchased enough wire and dowels and floral tape for 10 people, who only need to bring:  6 selvedge-to-selvedge strips of 1.25″ wide green washed wool, some tacky glue, a Sharpie marker, and a couple clothespins.  My father is going to help me make bases for the trees. Barb Meyers and Heidi Diefenderfer are experienced Wooly Feather Tree makers and can give us tips.  If you plan to make one, I found the You Tube Video “How to Create a Wooly Pine Tree” to be helpful.

Hope to see you Dec 3!




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